State Quilt Documentation & Regional Quilt History: 
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Compiled from H-Quilts postings  H-Net Discussion List on Quilt Documentation and Research [H-QUILTS@H-NET.MSU.EDU] February 2001 and continuing, the Quilt History List [qhl] and From additional sources thanks to the Ashland Public Library in Oregon and including the recommendations of the following individuals: Cheryl Wolf, Jan Dreschler, Judy Grow, Mary Persyn, Marsha MacDowell, Colleen Hall-Patton, Laurie Woodard, David Crosby, Maureen Battistella, Shirley McElderry, Cuesta Benberry, Mary Worrall, Mary Waller, Shelly Zegart, Carol Butzke, Margareta Faust, Kyra Hicks, Ann-Louise Beaumont, Gloria Nixon, Karan Flanscha. Patricia Keller, Laurel Horton, Ruth Ann Carathers, Linda Reynolds. Maintained by Maureen Battistella

Many titles are out of print, but may be available through ABE or on loan from your local public library. Dissertations and theses may be available from University Microfilms International.

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Bibliographical Analysis of State Quilt Documentation Project Books, May 2004

Alaska: a textile album of the last frontier.  Juneau, Alaska: Alaska Quilt Survey Gastineau Channel Historical Society, 2001. 112 pages, index, biblio. soft cover.

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Connecticut Quilt Search Project.  Covering Connecticut: Connecticut Quilts and Quiltmakers. Parkesburg, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2002.  An outcome of the Connecticut Quilt Study Project. [early sales $29.95+3.95SH to Maureen Gregoire, 176 Walek Farms Road, Manchester, CT, 06040]


Weinraub, Anita Zaleski. Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together a History Based on the Findings of the Georgia Quilt Project: University of Georgia Press, 2006. 288p. 0820328502  (1996 Rutledge Hill Press publication of the same name by Alice Hughes and Vista Anne Mahan Vista (1558533680) cancelled).

KAMM, DUANE AND ELBERT, RACHEL.  HISTORY FROM THE HEART: QUILT PATHS ACROSS ILLINOIS. NASHVILLE, TN: RUTLEDGE HILL PRESS, 1993.  242 pages; illus; map; bibliog.   1-55853-155-6 242 HARD BOUND  "Based on the findings of the Illinois Quilt Research Project, Cheryl Kennedy, Project Director."

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Bassett, Lynne Zacek. Massachusetts Quilts: Our Common Wealth. University Press of New England, 2009. 1584657456. 365 pages. A product of The Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project (MassQuilts)


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Hall-Patton, Colleen.  Quilters Between the Revivals: The Cultural Context of Quilting 1945-1970.  Las Vegas, NV: University of Nevada, 2004. A dissertation in partial fulfillment of the PhD degree in Sociology, University of Nevada. Barbara Brents PhD, Advisor. 348 pages. Analyzes quilts discovered through the Nevada Heritage Quilt Project.





OKLAHOMA HERITAGE QUILTS:  a sampling of quilts made in or brought to Oklahoma before 1940 / Oklahoma Quilt Heritage Project ; [photography by Gene and Patricia Higgins ; editors, Jane Amstutz Harnden, Pamela Frazee Woolbright]. Paducah: AQS, 1990. [OP]

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Lasansky, Jeanette. In the Heart of Pennsylvania Symposium Papers. Lewisburg PA: Union County Historical Society Oral Traditions Project, Lewisburg, 1986.  95 pages; illus; bibliog.  Proceedings of a symposium organized by the Union County Historical Society's Oral Traditions Project held from April 28-June 10, 1985. [OP]

Angelo, Sharon P. Quilts : the fabric of friendship / the York County Quilt Documentation Project and the York County Heritage Trust Book Committee. Shiffer Pub, 2000. 160 pages. 0764311956 [Pennsylvania]







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Down by the Old Mill Stream [Rhode Island]; edited by Linda Welters and Margaret T. Ordonez, Kent State University Press, 2000

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Bresenehan, Karey. Lone Stars III : Texas quilts today. By Karoline Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2011 (projected) This volume covers 1986-2011, continuing the landmark documentation of 175 years of Texas quilt history that the authors began in Lone Stars I and II.

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Kort, Ellen.   Wisconsin Quilts, History in the Stitches Krause, 2008. ISBN
0896895920 (2d edition with some revision of Wisconsin Quilts, Stories in Stitches.  [sl], Wisconsin Quilt History Project, 2001.  Charlottesville, VA: Howell Press. 1-57427-118-0)



Local, State, Regional or Topical Quilt History Publications
including Theses, Dissertations and Biographies of Individual Quilters

Beardsley, John et al. Quilts of Gee's Bend. Tinwood, 2002. 192 pages; col illus. ISBN 0965376648 [Alabama]

Beardsley, John et al. Gee's Bend: The Women and Their Quilts, 2002. 432 pages; col illus. ISBN 0971910405 [Alabama]

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Quiltmakers of Gee's Bend [DVD]. Birmingham, AL: Alabama Public Television, 2005. 60minutes

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Benberry, Cuesta. A Piece of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans. University of Arkansas Press, 2000. 176 pages; col illus. ISBN 1557286205 [Arkansas]

Bavor, Nancy Curry. The California Art Quilt Revolution. Thesis in support of the MA degree, University of Nebraska, 2011. 129p. Advisor: Michael James. Covers the work of Jean Ray Laury, Yvonne Porcella, Joan Schulze, Jean Hewes, Miriam Nathan-Roberts, Theresa May, Linda MacDonald, Ellen Oppenheimer, Judith Content.

Schneider, Linda Susan. The California quilt and the California quiltmaker: 1850-1945. Thesis in support of the MS degree, California State University, Fresno, 2002.  Advisor: Carolyn B Jackson. 81 pages.

Dallas, Sandra. The Quilt That Walked to Golden: Women and Quilts in the Mountain West from the Overland Trail to Contemporary Colorado.  Breckling Press, 2004. 176 pages. ISBN 0972121838. True stories of women and quilts of the mountain west from the author of The Persian Pickle Club.

Nicoll, Jessica Fleming. A Mirror to Show Thy Friends to Thee: Delaware Valley Signature Quilts, 1840-1855. Thesis in support of the MA degree, University of Delaware, Winterthur Program, 1989. Advisor: Kenneth L Ames. 74 pages.

Davison, Qadira. An examination of three African American quilters in Florida. by Davidson, Qadira, Ph.D., THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, 2009, 268 p

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Fisk, Carol; Versfeld, Porter; Gray, Melissa.  Georgia Quilts [videorecording]: Stitches and Stories.  GPTV; written, produced & edited by Carol Fisk; videographer Porter Versfeld; narrator, Melissa Gray.  VHS video

Hicks, Kyra. This I accomplish: Harriet Powers' bible quilt and other pieces : quilt histories, exhibition lists, annotated bibliography and timeline of a great African american quilter. sl: Black Threads Press, 2009. 180p [Biography of a Georgia quilt maker]

Simpson, Yaalieth Adrienne. African-American female identity in the 19th century: the individual and cultural empowerment of Harriet Powers' Bible quilts [Georgia]. Dissertation in support of the EdD, Columbia University Teachers College, 2003.  Advisor: Leo-Paul Cyr. 213 pages.

Faye, Margaret and Juliet Rice Wichman, Hawaiian Quilting on Kauai (Lihue, HI: Kauai Museum, 1976). Includes an important little monograph, "An Address Given to the Mokihana club at Lihue, Kauai, March 1, 1933 by Edith Rice Plews." Black & white photos. OOP.

Fleming, Vicky. Hawaiian Applique. American Quilters Society, 2004. 96pages. ISBN 1574328379

Goforth, Sandra L; Rezentes, Betty Rose; and Pratt, Christine Joy.  Tutu and the Ti Plant.  Created and written by Sandra L. Goforth; illustrated by Christine Joy Pratt; pillow designed by Betty Rose Rezentes.  Honolulu: MnM Pub., 1993.  39 pages; color illus; bibliog.  Juvenile fiction: "Tutu is a Hawaiian quilter whose patterns tell stories of native plants.  She shares stories with her grandchildren."

Hammond, Joyce D. Tifaifai and Quilts of Polynesia (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1986). Good discussion and comparison of Hawaiian and other Polynesian quilts. OOP.

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Shaw, Robert. Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces [New York]: Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1996. 120 pages; color illus; map.  Introductory essay is the most current overview on Hawaiian quilt history.

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Stevens, Mary L. Women's Work: Traditional Quiltmakers of Southern Indiana. Dissertation in support of the PhD degree, Indiana University, 1989. Advisor: Mary Ellen Brown and Warren Roberts. 304 pages.

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Americus Quilting Club. Perpetual Bloomer. 30m VHS produced by Donald Devet and Rebecca McClanahan. New York, NY: NQR Productions, 2003 [Indiana]

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Kansas History, Spring 1990 issue; Kansas quilt project (magazine)

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Watts, Katherine. Anna Williams : her quilts and their influence. With interviews by Elizabeth Walker and photographs by Richard Walker. Paducah, KY : American Quilter's Society, c1995. Catalog of an exhibition held at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society, 1995 featuring Baton Rouge, Louisiana quilter Anna Williams.

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Wahlman, Maude Southwell.  The Art of Afro-American Quiltmaking: Origins, Development and Significance. 2 vol set.  Dissertation in support of PhD, Yale University, 1980. 421 pages.  Includes in-depth interviews with Pecolia Warner of Yazoo City, Mississippi, but significantly more comprehensive than the one state and extensive treatment of African textile traditions.

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