State Quilt Documentation and Regional Quilt History:
A Selective Bibliography
Scope Note for Inclusion

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The purpose of the State Quilt Documentation and Regional Quilt History Bibliography is to organize published works on state quilt documentation projects and regional quilt history.  Shelly Zegart's work
"The Quilt Projects: 15 Years Later", provides a good background on state quilt documentation projects.   Works included in the bibliography should have a local, state, or regional identification and may be topical in nature as long as the geographic identification is specific and clearly presented in the work.  In general, juvenile works and pattern books are not included. Whenever possible, citations are constructed with item in hand and verified using national bibliographic resources as appropriate.  To facilitate purchase and acquisition of materials, information on ordering and availability is provided when available.

The bibliography is categorized by publication type, each category organized by state and then by author or editor. Author and title indices complement the bibliography.


  • State Quilt Documentation Projects: Published Books
    Offical reports of US state quilt documentation projects published in book form.

  • Local, State, Regional, or Topical Quilt History Publications
    May include journal articles that document US state documentation publishing projects in progress as well as books, conference proceedings or symposia, journal articles, and other ephemera that have geographic identification, published in association with or independently of the state documentation project

  • Quilt Exhibit and Museum Catalogs
    Catalogs of exhibits that are geographically identified, even if published in association with a state quilt documentation project. A topical exhibit catalog could be included if the quilts or collection have a specific geographic identification in additional to the location of the museum, collection, or exhibit.

  • International Quilt History Publications
    Quilt history items that are international in scope, with a specific geographic identification

  • Geographic Quilt History Reference Sources
    Includes published works that present quilt history and research from a geographic

Those contributing items to the bibliography will be listed as a contributor.

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