State Quilt Documentation and Regional Quilt History: 
A Selective Bibliography

Compiled from H-Quilts postings
 H-Net Discussion List on Quilt Documentation and Research
 [H-QUILTS@H-NET.MSU.EDU] February 2001 and From Additional Sources

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Scope Note 

The Quilt Journal: An International Review

Published by The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc.
Editors: Jonathan Holstein, Eleanor Miller and Shelly Zegart

The Quilt Journal’s mission was to facilitate the work of those around the world that would be coming to quilt research from other fields with different visions.  The Quilt Journal brought information generated here and in other parts of the world to the attention of the American quilt community, and also acted as a reference source on American quilt information.  Six issues of The Quilt Journal were published between1992 and 1995.   Back issues of The Quilt Journal: An International Review are available at $7.50 each. Please contact Shelly Zegart at (502) 897-7566 or

.Volume 1, Number 1, 1992:

  • The Quilt Journal: Mission Statement by the Editors

  • A New World in The Old: European Quilt Scholarship by Janine Janniere

  • Rethinking Quilt Projects: A Folklorist’s Perspective by Laurel Horton

Volume 2, Number 1, 1993:

  • Methodology and Meaning: Strategies for Quilt Study by Patricia J. Keller

  • The “Hand Quilting” of Marseille by Janine Janniere

  • Her Life in Quilts: A Review of Quilters’ Biographies by Laurel Horton 

Volume 2, Number 2, 1993:

  • A Glimpse of the Japanese Quilting Community: The Influence of Quilting Schools by Penny   Nii and Shizuko Kuroha

  • Quilt and Fabric Stylings of the Later Twentieth Century by Jeffrey Gutcheon

  • “Lapptacken en Kulturskatt” (“The Quilts: A Cultural Treasure”): An Exhibition Review  by Julie Silber

  • The Quilting of Narrative: Playful Subversion in The Robber Bridegroom by Marjorie Ingall

Volume 3, Number 1, 1994:

  • Filling in Quilt History: A 16th Century French Patchwork Banner by Janine Janniere

  • Contemporary Quilts: An International Review by Michele Walker

  • Approaching Analysis: The Lancaster County Quilt Harvest by Patricia Keller

  • American Museum in Britain by Shiela Betterton

 Volume 3, Number 2, 1994:

  • Quilt Scholarship: The Quilt World and The Academic World by Lorre M. Weidlich

  • The Construction of Quilts in the 1990s by Elaine Hedges

  • The Victorian Crazy Quilt as Comfort and Discomfort by Jane Przybysz

  • “Sister Quilts from Sicily: A Pair of Renaissance Bedcovers” by Jonathan Holstein

 Volume 4, Number 1, 1995:

  • Quilt Judges and Juries: Hard Questions by Carol Jessen

  • Royal Connections: Quilting and the British Monarchy by Shiela Betterton

  • Quilts and Art: Value Systems in Conflict by Lorre M. Weidlich

  • Documenting Britain’s Quilts: A Look at the Findings by Janet Rae

  • Discovering “The Dedicated Quilter” by Jonathan Holstein

  • Winterthur Museum’s Treasury of Quilts by Deborah Kraak & Kathleen Carpenter

  • Quilted Links? South African Kappies and French Boutis by Lucille M. Chaveas

  • More on Sicilian Quilts by Jonathan Holstein


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